Individual Needs


If you require mobility assistance, please call The Events Centre box office on 07 5491 4240 to reserve your tickets and notify the staff. We will then arrange for a staff member to assist you when you arrive at the theatre.

Wheelchair Seating

The Events Centre stalls seats are wheelchair accessible. We have dedicated (limited) seating options for patrons using a wheelchair and their guests. When making your booking, please advise staff.

Hearing Assistance

The Events Centre has individual Hearing Assistance FM Units. A personal neck loop is worn in conjunction with hearing aids. The wearer will ‘hear’ VIA the T SWITCH, activated on the hearing aid. There are also headsets available for people who don’t wear hearing aids, but may require a boost to their hearing to get the most out of any particular show.
When making your booking, please advise staff.

The Events Centre Caloundra