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The Events Centre Caloundra takes your right to privacy as defined under privacy legislation seriously. During the course of your interaction with our Company either through our website, our box-office office or over the telephone we are likely to collect information from you that the above legislation deems to be of a private or confidential nature. This information may be in the form of names, phone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers and concession card details.


Our need to collect data stems from your request for:- Specific information such as newsletters, brochures etc
•    Frequent Buyer or
•    To purchase tickets.
We will collect this information either in person at our box office, over the telephone or via fax, email or through our website.


We undertake and make every effort to keep this information confidential. Your personal information will not be provided to third parties unless:
•    We have obtained your consent to do so prior to collecting it;
•    Or you have provided a written request to forward information on to a third party on your behalf.


We may add to or delete from this Policy from time to time. We may notify you of substantial changes to this Policy either by posting a prominent announcement on our site and/or by sending a message to the e-mail address you have provided to us that is contained within your user settings.


If you have any questions about this Policy or our web site, please feel free to contact us by visiting our website for email addresses or by Phone on (07) 5491 4240.


While we undertake to deliver on the above standards of use, we are not in a position to guarantee these standards. There may be factors beyond our control that may result in disclosure of data. As a consequence, we disclaim any warranties or representations relating to maintenance or nondisclosure of your data.


I understand and agree that all materials, services and information (“materials”) presented on this web site are the property of this web site. I agree not to reproduce, copy, or otherwise duplicate such materials without the express permission of this web site. I further understand that any materials presented on this web site are intended solely for Customer’s use of this web site. I understand that while I am welcome to benefit from such materials personally, I agree not to resell, modify and resell, and or repackage and resell the materials. I understand that the foregoing agreement provides the web site provider with rights to the materials above and beyond copyright law.


No representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to services and Customer’s use of this web site are granted. Customer hereby acknowledges that web site provider has no control over the condition or change in configuration of any venue referred to in this web site. Customer hereby acknowledges that web site provider has made no representation or warranty, express or implied, (i) with respect to the suitability of its services for the purposes or uses of Customer, or (ii) of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Web site provider shall not be liable to Customer for, Customer hereby assumes all risk of, and Customer waives all claims against the web site provider in respect of any damage whatsoever in connection with Customer’s use of this web site (whether based upon contract, tort, negligence, warranty, product liability, strict liability, and/or otherwise and whether or not the web site provider has been notified of the possibility of such damage) resulting from, or arising out of, its services or Customer’s use of this web site.

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