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The Events Centre has a Covid Safe Venue Guide in place to ensure the safety of our patrons when attending events at the venue. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the Covid Safe Guide and Conditions of Entry prior to attending an event.

About Us

Be entertained by the kaleidoscope of concerts, music, dance, plays and shows for all ages. The Events Centre, Caloundra is the Sunshine Coast’s premier performing arts and conference centre. Bring your event to life in our diverse conference spaces.

The Events Centre is one of the largest function centres on the Coast with dining, high tech staging and equipment for large and small dinners, awards nights, conferences, theatre and special events. The venue has two theatres and dining spaces for over 1,000 patrons.

Venue Information

Based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, just one hour north of Brisbane, find us located near beautiful Kings Beach and the famous Bulcock Street.

What’s On – Upcoming Shows

  • Fri 2 Aug
Wakakirri 2024
  • Sat 3 Aug
Arj Barker | The Mind Field
  • Sun 4 Aug
Seven Drunken Nights



Innovating Safety and Sustainability: The Events Centre, Caloundra leads the Way

In today’s dynamic hospitality landscape, ensuring safety and sustainability within event venues is paramount.

The Events Centre, Caloundra, a prominent hub for gatherings and conferences, recognised this imperative and embarked on a transformative journey to enhance its operations.

After using the system in previous roles at Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centres, when Julian Gibbs joined the team, he knew eWater was something he needed to introduce.

Addressing the Challenge

One of the primary challenges faced by The Events Centre, Caloundra was the need to implement meaningful safety and sustainability initiatives, particularly within its kitchen facilities and food safety protocols. Traditional chemical consumables posed risks to both health and the environment, necessitating a more effective and eco-friendly solution.

“The system produces highly effective solutions that are safe to use whilst providing a sustainable and cost-effective outcome. eWater is now the primary cleaning and sanitising solution for our team”

Julian Gibbs, Conference and Events Manager

The Solution: eWater Standalone System
The Events Centre, Caloundra opted for the installation of an eWater Standalone System. This revolutionary technology replaced harsh chemical consumables with a safer, more sustainable alternative. The eWater system seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure, becoming an integral component of the venue’s food safety program.
Versatility and Impact

The versatility of eWater proved instrumental across various facets of operations at The Events Centre, Caloundra. From food contact wash and sanitising to kitchen and front-of-house cleaning, the system has demonstrated its efficacy in maintaining impeccable hygiene standards.

Reaping the Benefits

The adoption of the eWater Standalone System yielded numerous benefits for The Events Centre, Caloundra. Notably, it led to a reduction in chemical purchases, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Moreover, the transition from single-use plastic containers to reusable alternatives contributed to a decrease in plastic waste, aligning with the venue’s sustainability goals. Importantly, the switch to eWater enhanced safety for the team, as it is non-toxic and free from synthetic ingredients.